Dzian! T-Shirts in New Colors…

A while back, I designed some t-shirts for Dzian! (the band I currently play with on violin + vox), using a vintage Chinese flashcard of a girl brushing her teeth:

After much Photoshop tweaking, printing, tracing, and re-scanning, I came up with a design featuring the name of song we play, “Mama, Give Me a Guitar,” originally performed by the Taiwanese girl group Cai Mi Mi & Five Petals Guitar Band…aren’t they bad-ass?

You can download the tune here.

A new round of t-shirts has just been screen-printed by the incomparable Thomas Dean (seen below chilling with a pair of bejeweled owls), available for $10 on bigcartel in a range of colors in both men and women’s sizes. If you’re looking to augment your t-shirt collection, saunter on over to the new Dzian! page at bigcartel:

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