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December 12, 2010

Dzian! Sampler Platter on Vimeo

Don’t be shy, try a taste of each:

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December 9, 2010

Dzian! + Sweatheart @ Tea Bazaar 12/10/10

9pm, FRIDAY, December 10

The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

414 E. Main St, Charlottesville, VA


Tonight, as you carefully select your attire for the following morn, please don’t forget your dancing shoes! Hide those arctic boots away! It promises to be a balmy 44 degrees!

Dzian! opens for Philly-based dress-up band Sweatheart, on their return trek northward after their humble attempt to overthrow Art Basel Miami.

As for that thoughtfully curated outfit of yours, you have two equally enticing choices: a) 1980’s Aerobicise:

b) 1960’s A G0-G0:

…or c) some artfully-constructed combination of the two. As for me, I’ll be rolling tom-boy style on my vintage bike:

Now either you’re with me or against me…let’s petition the Tea Bazaar to bust open their ceiling and retrofit a full-size glass display case (i.e. cage) for our Nakashi dancers, just like the Whiskey a’ Go-Go:

Righty-O, be there or be something resembling a square.

9pm, FRIDAY, 12/10/10, Tea Bazaar, $5

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December 5, 2010

Dzian! T-Shirts in New Colors…

A while back, I designed some t-shirts for Dzian! (the band I currently play with on violin + vox), using a vintage Chinese flashcard of a girl brushing her teeth:

After much Photoshop tweaking, printing, tracing, and re-scanning, I came up with a design featuring the name of song we play, “Mama, Give Me a Guitar,” originally performed by the Taiwanese girl group Cai Mi Mi & Five Petals Guitar Band…aren’t they bad-ass?

You can download the tune here.

A new round of t-shirts has just been screen-printed by the incomparable Thomas Dean (seen below chilling with a pair of bejeweled owls), available for $10 on bigcartel in a range of colors in both men and women’s sizes. If you’re looking to augment your t-shirt collection, saunter on over to the new Dzian! page at bigcartel:

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